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           Welcome to the Lindenberg Ultrafast Group

Our research efforts are focused on taking atomic-scale movies of materials and devices in motion and in-situ. We take real-time snapshots of the motion of atoms and electrons and use this to try to understand materials and device functionality. We are interested in understanding the fundamental limits and microscopic mechanisms that determine the performance of devices with applications to energy conversion, energy storage, and information processing, and in developing ways to manipulate and engineer these processes. Our work is carried out in the Materials Science and Engineering Department and at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory as part of the PULSE Institute for Ultrafast Energy Science and the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Research (SIMES). We are also part of the Center for Non-Perturbative Studies of Functional Materials under Non-Equilibrium Conditions (NPNEQ) and the Q-NEXT National Quantum Information Science (QIS) Research Center.

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering
476 Lomita Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

phone: (650) 725-2640

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